Welcome to the Iqaluit Internet Exchange

The Problem

Internet in Iqaluit is connected via satellite by each network (Northwestel, Government of Nunavut, Bell, QINIQ, etc.), but those networks do not interconnect. Satellite bandwidth is too expensive to waste and having TWO satellite hops between networks makes communicating very frustrating.

Additionally, websites serving Iqaluit residents are not hosted locally. Anybody not on the same network would have double the satellite delay as a website hosted in the south. This makes accessing work or school files from home very frustrating and costly.

The Solution

We can avoid this senseless waste of resources by having networks in Iqaluit connect directly with each other. The IQIX (Iqaluit Internet eXchange) has been formed with the sole intention of bringing Internet service providers, government and educational institutions in Iqaluit closer together. By doing so, we can strengthen the Internet community while providing a mutually beneficial and free public peering point for all local Internet traffic.

By simply connecting, the IQIX will enable a city-wide platform for high bandwidth, low latency websites and applications.


Send an email to Nuvujaq.

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